flaglogosmall.gif (4539 bytes) Medication of the Million Dollar Birds
during quarantine.


Dr R. C Conradie

On arrival at the loft the birds are medicated as follows:-

1. Metronidazole tablets are given for Trichomoniasis.

2. Ivomec pour on is applied to the back of the neck as an aid against internal and
    external parasites.

3. Chevivac supplied by CHEVITA is used against Paramyxo.

To prevent the introduction of E.coli, Paratyphoid and Mycoplasmosis, Baytril is given for 10 days.  During and after this Treatment Vitaton and Aminostress, supplied by MEDPET is used to counteract any stress.

A second Trichomoniasis treatment, again with metronidazole is given within the first week.

After a period on clean water the birds are then treated with yungtier pulver (young bird powder).  This powder was formulated in Germany by Dr. SUDHOFF, who has kindly sponsored the race by supplying us with this powder.  This powder contains a mixture of drugs used against Trichomoniasis, Coccidiosis, Hexamitiasis and bacterial infections of the respiratory and digestive tract that are very commonly found in young birds.

At the end of the quarantine period the birds are again treated for Trichomoniasis and vaccinated against Pox.  At this stage the wings are soaped and the birds are allowed outside for the first time.



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