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The concept is a straight construction with a passage running in front that can be extended when more individual lofts are required. Only one entrance with lofts for cocks( widowers/full widowhood/ natural) and perched lofts for hens (widowers/full widowhood/ singles) and young birds. Water troughs are placed on front and can be easily cleaned without spilling inside. Baskets permanently on front with two flaps were birds can exit for training or tosses.
A tiled roof with no cladding to enable it to breath is preferred for perfect ventilation. Preferably pitched one third from the front
Solid back two thirds with front third covered with Bonnox mesh to prevent mice from entering and ensuring proper ventilation.
Round bar front panels , louvered windows to prevent rain entering can be optional. Roll down canvass may be helpful to keep rain and cold wind out.
Sides and Rear
Any watertight material , wood / asbestos/etc
Wood on stilts.
Preferably wood slits 300 mm above bottom for easy cleaning and warmth.
Cleaning pans
Flapped openings with removable trays for easy cleaning. Flaps can be opened or closed to regulate ventilation.
Loft is to front preferably with its back in the direction of cold winds and rain, and its front to the morning sun.
1500 mm wide 2000 mm deep 2000 mm high provides enough space for preferably 8 to maximum 24 (young birds) per loft This design also adds another 300 mm below the floor and 1800 mm in the roof. It is better to add more individual lofts to the construction than to cramp more birds per section.
A passage runs the whole length of the loft making movement and working the birds very easy. The doors can either be swinging open, closed or locked away , or sliding . Preferred are sliding doors between the sections to prevent birds from seeing and so disturbing each other.
Cocks Boxes
12 boxes 500 mm wide, 500 mm deep and 400 mm high in each cock section. Bottom 400 mm closed of to prevent birds from hiding there. This space can be used for locking of loft utensils. Preferred to have mesh grids fitted with conveyor cleaning system or pull out hardboard for easy cleaning.
Hens/Young bird Perches
Look at sketch for best design. These perches are easily constructed from wood and hardboard and rests on dowels. Removable for easy cleaning. Bottom 500 mm blocked off to prevent hens from nesting.
Middle section
This section is used for many purposes like breaking in youngsters, accommodating latecomers, food boxes, etc.
Landing board
Only one entrance into loft ensures quick entrance, no re –training when shifting birds between sections, cheap because it only requires one 4 hole electronic trap etc. Design it with a swinging door hinged at the top that can be closed to keep birds and cats out. Ideal to break in youngsters and let birds land "under control" . Height is important at 1200 mm from the ground.

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