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The Million Dollar Pigeon Race       Michael Holt

South African Pigeon Mailing List



The Scientific Approach to pigeon health.

Durban Racing Pigeon Club


Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation Website



Winning Performance Products        Grant Day
Suppliers of the finest quality nutritional supplements for all your nutritional needs. For stock, maintenance and racing, all natural,  absolutely no medication.

Highflier Pigeons in South Africa   Christo Cruywagen
At present this is my personal site regarding one of my interests- Highflyer pigeons. Hopefully in the near future this site will become the official site for the South African highflier pigeon club.
South African National Pigeon Organization


Ibero-Latin American Pigeon Association   Ricardo L.Mandil



BENZING Timers       Thomas Waibel

Manufacturers of the BENZING atis clocking Sytsem.

Pigeon Club Austria South Heinz Kainersdorfer
We are a pigeon club for the long-distance-races. The members are from Slovenija, Croatia and Austria.



Top-Flite-Australia      John Wilson

Racing Pigeon Breeding Stud. Breeders of Gooders's, Wickham's, Pryor's, Webber's, Grizzles.

St Clair International Racing Pigeon Stud      Nick Brent

Australia's Premier Racing Pigeon Stud

Mallee Classic Website Barry Trewin
The most progressive One Loft Race series in Australia

SAHPA Alan Agar
The South Australian Homing Pigeon Association

Comproware      Pierre du Plessis

Hawkeye Loft Management System.

Pigeonsearch      Pierre du Plessis
A free search engine dedicated to the pigeon sport.

Pigeonsearch - Button Exchange     Pierre du Plessis
Will let you add a 120x60 size banner and  join the "Button Exchange" network.


GOLDEN buysse   Robert Buysse
He has won many prestigious prices like the golden win in 1998!

Mievis-Graser Duiven MIEVIS DOMINIQUE
The start off a new top pigeon fancier from Belgium

BELGAVET Christophe
Belgian manufacture of natural supplementary health products for Racing Pigeons

"De Witpen" Zolder Belgium   Geert Schepers
Here you can find  information, raceresults of the pigeonclub "De Witpen" Zolder Belgium

Lambrechts - Lismont Marc Vanonckelen

De site van de westkust en omstreken Werner Goderis

Loft Roosens - Verhasselt The Loft Verhasselt - Belgium

World Pigeon Center WPC Jos

Van Roy Koen




Belgian pigeon fanciers, results, pictures, Christ Nouwen, Long distance flights

Belgian pigeon fanciers     

Paul Nouwen

Belgian pigeon fanciers, results, pictures, Christ Nouwen, Long distance flights

Charles du Bois d'Enghien    

  Charles du Bois d'Enghien

Marc Vanonckelen    

  Marc Vanonckelen  

Top results with a small team!

Herbots Products Jef Cuypers

The Belgian racing pigeons site of Jean-Pierre Senzee       Jean-Pierre Senzee

Racing pigeons site of Jean-Pierre Senzee a Belgian fancier from Bracquegnies

Verbroedering-OBRAFO Tienen

Jos Thone - Guy Baerts Guy Baerts

Houben Luc Houben

Vanhee Wim Lernout

Alfons Verheijden Alfons Verheijden
Site of the GHENT POUTER from Belgium
Long Distance Loft Geert De Coninck


The Belgian Home of the White BanditLoft Roland Janssens

Hans Verschueren


Canada Racing Pigeons Ali Stephen

Pigeon Racing in Okanagan Peto

Alberta Classic   

Dr. KH Frank   

Racing pigeons are challenged at the Alberta Classic derby

Peeman & Sons   

Peeman & Sons

RPRS - Racing Pigeon Results System  

  John Reynaert

Pigeon Discussion Group -- The Lost and Found Registry

Racing Pigeon Support Web   

  Support Web

Sun Set Loft    

Bob Percival

Just an older guy having some fun with his racing pigeons.

Wind Walker Lofts    

Nick & Enna Oud


Myron S Kulik
A Tutorial For Beginners


Moravian racing pigeon  

Stanislav Skovran  

Results, lost pigeons, international racers, news


Frank Emmerich's Show Racer Seite


Ich befasse mich in meiner Freizeit unter anderem mit der Kleintierzucht, insbesondere mit verschiedenen Tauben- u. H�hnerrassen.

Brevduer i Vestsj�lland 

Steen Haagh  

M&C Hansen  

On this website we wish to tell you a lot about pigeons - hoping that it will be interesting for you. All our experiences with pigeons - our own experiences and some advices from other people.


King Tut Lofts (Also under USA) Adel Salem
One of the oldest and the most sophisticated breeds in the world in terms of color, body style, and flying ability. The Page includes many articles published in the Pigeon Fancier, Pigeon Debut, as well as the Racing Pigeon Digest. The page also contains several photographs of the ES, with additional photos updated periodically.



Promoloft  promoloft 
Batenburg and Van de merwe strain specialist.
Didier Wailly


Wollitzer�s HERBOTS Pigeons Uwe Wollitzer
I�ve the best and most HERBOTS Pigeons in Germany.

W & B Heidemann, B�nde Biermann OHG Bert.Heidemann
One of the best in Germany with Janssen pigeons.

Brieftaubensport Josef Becker
Homepage of Josef Becker


 Peter Kocks


Wine Island Loft

Henk and Vivian Peters

The Schellens Collection of Toni Deigner


Horst Neswadba







Information on the greek championship, photos, biography and other stuff


Tanveer Lofts


INDIA's Premier Fancy Pigeon Site

Blue Rock Tumblers



Racing Pigeon Higuchi Loft Isami Higuchi


Kuwait Pigeons   Abdulkarim Al Bannai 


Driss Aboulmaouahib  Driss
I am a racing pigeon fancier from Morocco. I Hope you will enjoy my web site




Pigeon Vitality   


This is the first and comprehensive site on Aseel Kabutar*(Pigeon) and also first Aseel Kabutar site from PAKISTAN.



Fernando Silva�s homepage SEQUEIRA, Jo�o Paulo Mesquita

Sociedade Columb�fila Hortense Vitor Manuel Madeira


Located in Beius, Romania 


C.I.B.S. � Canary Islands Breeding Station   J.Ledesma

Domingo Mario Diaz Acosta Domingo Mario

H & Q Lofts Samuel Hernandez


Jemima's Pigeon Page Jemima Fr�imark
A Pigeon Page with great pictures, good links and interesting facts!

Lennart Lindgren Pigeonfancier Lennart Lindgren


Rhein-Valley-Loft Heiko Rodde

Emmental-Valley-Loft Walter Hofer


K.B.D.B. International Racing & Breeding Loft

P. W. Chang
Prime Breeding Pigeons 



Duiven Sport Vluchten  
Duiven startpagina RTLplaza

Comb.van Zoeren  
Combinatie van Zoeren Racing Pigeons

C & S Koehoorn   Sander Koehoorn

Janssen Brothers   W Fennema
The most famous pigeon fanciers in the world.

M. de Poorter   M. de Poorter
De website van M. de Poorter

Jaap van Mourik Racing Pigeons   Jaap & Miranda

Combinatie "K.B.S"
Combinatie K.B.S. from holland

Jeroen Wachtendonk & Martin Schoon   Martin Schoon

Comb. - Spin Wiggeman   wilco wiggeman

Hans Bodelier - Echt   Hans Bodelier
A site for extreme long distance pigeons

Joop Ekstijn Joop Ekstijn

Duiven Startkabel P.L. Bruls
This is a Dutch pigeon site whit many links from duth belgia and germanie pigeons friends... Ad Schaerlaeckens
The official website of Ad Schaerlaeckens

Hamont-Van Den Heuvel Fam van den Heuvel
The Partnership consists of Nol van Hamont and Frans van den Heuvel

Dik van de Berg & Zn   Dik v.d.Berg
The Long Distance Racers from Holland

Jac Verheijen   Jac Verheijen

Heinhuis, Steenwijk   Gerhard Heinhuis

Postduiven Vereniging Oranje Boven   Leo Knook

Partnership Hamont-Heuvel Frans van den Heuvel

Olympic Pigeons World Henk Peters
Hier is alles te vinden over de duivensport en veel meer.

Golden Wing Loft J.M. van Boxmeer

Hans Eijerkamp and Sons J. Buwalda
All the information you need about the international breeding centre De Ponderosa/Greenfield Stud.

Jos Konings on line Jos Konings

The pigeonfancier Geert Pluimers Geert Pluimers

Willem's Racing Pigeons Webpage Willem de Bruijn
Willem de Bruijn, the flying dentist from Reeuwijk, The Netherlands

Louis Partouns Roller page Louis Partouns
Flying with Oriental Roller from portable loft in the Netherlands

De Pigeons Grandprix site Martha van Geel


Postduiven Sierduiwn van den Haag tot Zoetermeer





Up North Combine website Dennis Sharples
The Up North Combine or UNC is based in the North of England.

Flightmaster Flightmaster
Flightmaster - First in Pigeon Health

Foxwood Lofts Seamus
Champion Breeders of Top Racing & Breeding Pigeons in the UK and Europe.

The Glasgow Feather Club Graeme Boyd

Pigeonlinks Terry Robertson

The Gateway to the British Fancy Kevin & Christine

Boglinmarsh Racing Pigeon fanciers' Portal

A portal for homing pigeon fanciers.

Syndicate Lofts Peter Fox






J. Lucchese Lofts
The very best from Belgium to you

Kilo Lofts 

My name is Amin and I live in Alabama. I love pigeons and as proof I currently have 200 birds.


Terry Duez
To help beginners and fanciers have a better understanding of the pigeon breed of Parlor Rollers as presented by Terry Duez of Irwin, Pennsylvania.

Iranian Tumblers

Mohammad Kohistani

Paul Gambino's Parlor Rollers 

Paul Gambino
Home of the World Record Holders 204� 2� (62 Meters).  This loft has produced two World Champions and both performances occurred at the Great Pageant of Pigeons in Los Angeles California.


Myron S Kulik
A Tutorial For Beginners

American Dragoon Club Robert W. Tauscher Jr., President
General information regarding the American Dragoon Club including sponsored shows, a list of current officers, and the Dragoon Standard.

American Trenton Breeders Rick Knowlton
Home page for the ATB, with historical info, 1000 mi. race info, & general pigeon info.

Arizona Pigeon Club Paul Kruse
The Arizona Pigeon Club is an all breeds club. We are posting the standards for most fancy breeds on our site. Come visit us and sign our guestbook.

Bieche Lofts Alex Bieche
Record setting Family of the 90's, plus one of the best one loft races in AMERICA. One Loft Race, $11.0000 1st prize.

Central Jersey Combine Home Page Jesse Wu
Contains news and race results of the biggest combine in the U.S.

Central Pacific Pigeon Club Alex Lacy

Code 3 Lofts  Al Cunnigham
One of the premier lofts in the United States. Timothy L. Beard

European Breeding Loft & Products European productst
Racing pigeons & products.

Flights of Fancy Robert Campbell

Hackemer Lofts Horst Hackemer

HawkBait Lofts Dennis

HawkBait Lofts - USA Dennis

HawkwkBait Lofts - California Dennis

Herman P Karner Loft Paul & Herman Karner
Our Loft is located in Nazareth, Pa. We race with the Northamton Racing Pigeon Club belonging to Lehigh Mountain Combine. Our foundation birds Stassarts, were imported in 1965 from Alf Baker. We have added many strains over the years. We have been racing pigeons since 1957...

King Tut Lofts (Also under EGYPT) Adel Salem
One of the oldest and the most sophisticated breeds in the world in terms of color, body style, and flying ability. The Page includes many articles published in the Pigeon Fancier, Pigeon Debut, as well as the Racing Pigeon Digest. The page also contains several photographs of the ES, with additional photos updated periodically.

Layne's Pigeon Site Layne Gardner
Contains descriptive information and photos of Old Dutch Capuchines, Brunner Pouters, Saxon Pouters, and Bavarian Pouters.

Legacy Loft Marsha Gunderson
Health supplements for the entire family; pigeon products for clubs; books & reference material; classified advertising; money-saving ideas & business opportunities; plus some great links to other sites.

Mclaughlin Lofts Rob Connella

National Pigeon Association Mike Lerp
This site provides information about NPA Services, Products (including a band odering form, List of members on the internet, Spnsored show calendar and much more). Avian Assitance Council information and Association of Pigeon Veterinarians Statement. Monthly editorials and Continuos updating!

National Pouter and Cropper Club Tim Burke
National Pouter & Cropper Club, Photos.

Pastor Pigeon-Train Robert W. Tauscher, Jr.
Personal web page with explanation of pigeon interests. Main breeds: Dragoons, Racing Homers, Domestic Flights.

Pouter Power Mel Ziehl
Pictures and descriptions of two dozen different kinds of pouters/croppers.

Power Pigeon Burton Page

Racing Pigeons Oak Haven Farm Campbell Strange
America's Premier Racing Pigeon Stud!

Racing Pigeon Mall  John Vance
The Premiers eCommerce Site for the Racing Pigeon Sport

Ray Schmitt Racing Homing Pigeon Page Raymond Schmitt

RollerLofts home page Kevin Ryan
Pictures of lofts and some really nice Rollers!

Sun Valley Pigeon Page Jerry Kinder

The AMERICAN Racing Pigeon Union Steve Terry
The American Racing Pigeon Home Page.

The Pigeon Cote John Verburg

The Pigeon Loft Guy Koch
Pigeons in general, also some information about the American Lahore Club.

Tom Barnhart - Pigeon Fancier Tom Barnhart
General information about the author, along with a link to some valuable genetics information.

Western American Trumpeter Club Western American Trumpeter Club
The home page of the largest English Trumpeter club in the world. The site promotes all English Trumpeter activities.

Kilo Loft whitepigeon

Poultry Fountain Jeffery Toy
Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Fountain for Poultry
Pigeon Flapdoodle


Bunag Loft

Ron Huntley's Rare Color Homing Pigeons